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The Skoll Foundation drives large-scale change by investing in, connecting, and celebrating social entrepreneurs and innovators who help them solve the world’s most pressing problems.


These leaders won't stop until they eradicate world hunger.


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Muhammad Yunus received the Nobel Peace Prize -

Teaching the world by example to replace the single-minded pursuit of money with the single-minded focus on solving the problems of humanity until their is a whole new civilization.
"Grameen" Bank - "Village" Bank

The only lawyer-free bank in the world.
The only bank owned by women.

Professor and Head of the Rural Economics Programme in the University of Chittagong, launched an action research programme to examine the possibilities of designing a comprehensive banking framework to provide the banking services to the rural poor.

He then went on to create "social businesses" that make no profit, but instead measure their success by the impact they have had on the world.

"Poverty is the cruelest form of violence." - Gandhi

In regions of the world where extreme poverty exists, we can build Arcologies for Global Well-Being.  The professionals and contributors that will be needed will be imported from elsewhere to support the newly forming arcology until leaders from the local area can be elevated into leadership positions.  In many cases this process may take several generations. Who knows?

"Whatever you did for one of the least of my brothers and sisters, you did for me." -Jesus

Rather than relying on top-down solutions, arcologies are built from the bottom up. We eliminate the need for expensive government assistance programs including welfare, social security, unemployment, disability, public education and health care because these services are provided by the arcology members.

Together we can design and build small, self-sustaining communities that do not rely on money.  The basic needs of each member of the arcology are met by working together for the common good. In so doing, we decentralize the power of governments and corporations and shift the power to the individual member owner.  The members can then decide how many they can effectively carry, over and above the needs of their members.  This golden number of people, whether it be 2 or 22 or 222, will be cared for by our empowered members who feel secure enough in their own well-being to take on the well-being of others.


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