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 The ultimate goal for writing My Whole Foods Kitchen Cookbook is to inspire people to explore their creative power to become “the producer” of health-building foods rather than “the consumer” of health-depleting, manufactured products.

Today, Americans are dependent upon the local grocery store for every meal they eat.  The expensive foods that we are dependent upon have been stripped of all of their original nutritional value causing diet-related illness and disease.  At the same time creating an artificial barrier called “money” between these food products and those who can’t afford to buy them. The answer to all of the pitfalls of health and well-being today is so simple, yet so profound: Eat foods that grow from the ground and when possible grow them yourself.

The food industry has lost our trust. The only way we will know it is organically grown and free of chemical additives and harmful ingredients is to grow it and process it ourselves.

A few years ago I had many symptoms that were seemingly unrelated such as an ear ache, athlete’s foot and cold sores. I found that they were all symptoms of an overgrowth of bacteria in the stomach called candida.  I became so ill that I was making plans with my husband, both of us in tears, about who would take care of my children. We thought I must be dying.  I couldn’t stand up. I couldn’t lift my arms. I couldn’t live my life!  I finally developed such terrible neck pain that I went to see my chiropractor.  He told me to stop all sugar for three weeks or more.  But sugar is in everything!  In order to do this I had to completely stop all store-bought processed foods; everything in a box, bag or can.

The little candida organisms crave sugar, which is their life source. Any form of sugar will do; any sweetener, any carbohydrate.  So I kept craving the wrong foods because that’s what the intruders were begging for.  I researched it on the internet and found that a large number of people in America have candida without recognizing it. I had been treating all the little symptoms without understanding the nature of candida.  It is a colony of life-sapping organisms that made me tired and depressed by attacking every bodily system.  Now I observed that we had even more stacked against us; a life-draining job to buy life-sapping processed foods that feed the life-sucking organisms that attack the body from the inside out. From there the body begins to manifest diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The food companies know this and so do the pharmaceutical companies, but this means big bucks for both, and I cannot rely on them to solve the problem fast enough to protect my health and the health of my loved ones.

I came to the truth that I had known all along; I had to boycott these companies before they actually sapped me of my life!  Thus My Whole Foods Kitchen Cookbook was born.  For some readers, My Whole Foods Kitchen Cookbook offers more than just recipes, but a brand new awareness. In this “cooking adventure” we voluntarily take steps toward self-reliance by learning to produce our family’s needs. I adopted a rotating weekly meal plan that meet our nutritional needs instead of breaking our bodies down with every meal, “killing with kindness” as the saying goes.  I learned to set up my kitchen to be a place of productivity and vitality rather than a den of obesity and disease.

I have found that the best way to avoid junk food is to have none in my house. As soon as I leave the house I am surrounded with all the foods I am trying to avoid, so I make my home a “safe haven” where these foods will not bombard my loved ones with impulses that work against their health and wellbeing. Because I am the shopper for the family, I hold a grave responsibility to guide the family wisely in the foods that they have to choose from when they are in their own home.

I can’t allow our menu choices to be driven by our cravings for sugar or salt. Feeding our craving for sugar is actually “feeding” the living organisms of bacteria that are wreaking havoc on our health. I teach my children these concepts every day and hope that they make good choices when they are outside my home, but inside my home, they will only find whole foods that improve their health instead of processed foods that will break it down.  Teach these concepts to your children so we can end the epidemic of obesity and diet-related diseases in their lifetime!

I hear people say they can’t believe what the manufacturers are doing to “our food.”  However, we have to remember that the food in the grocery store is not “our food.”  That is “their food.”  That is why it is inferior.  We have to produce our own groceries for ourselves if we want it produce with love and commitment to the well-being of our loved ones and call it “our food.”

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