How to Assist Developing Entrepreneurs


Become a Certified Angel Investor!

Help leaders of ARC7 in developing countries realize their dreams of starting a business that will end poverty in their communities.

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Each new member of ARC7 is asked to do a final project that will not only end poverty in their own lives, but also the community and the developing country where they live.  You can help entrepreneurs in developing countries realize their goals of starting a successful business. You can help them create a business plan and provide the startup capital that will be necessary.  We start with a small investment of $5000.  We expect them to pay it back in 3 to 5 years.

We have hundreds of leaders who have completed our training and have written their project proposals and income projections.  You can get involved by helping them to strengthen their business plans and helping them to purchase the things they will need to get started.  Your $5000 investment will change their lives!  When you get your money back, you can do it again!  Then you can do it again!


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