How to Be a Co-op Builder for ARC7






Year 1 – Team Builder

Year 2 – Co-op Builder

Year 3 – Housing Builder


YEAR 1 – Team Builders Training and Mentoring Program – learn how to gather a team of 50 university students who complete the training.  This takes about one year. Team builders must be very committed to see the project through to completion, start with a handful of students and motivating them gather more.  All of this process can be done remotely from home.  Your donation will stabilize the team members as you help them through their daily struggles with medical issues, school fees, transportation, phone repairs, muggings, and losses.  As a team builder, you have the option to go on with your team to year 2 as a Co-op Builder.

YEAR 2 – Co-op Builders Training and Mentoring Program – learn how to help each member of your team create income generating projects by setting up a business incubator.  During this process you will drill wells, set up food production, and create jobs for the team members.  You will earn 5% of the profits for the rest of your life.  If you have an idea for local business, you will have an opportunity to start your own co-op business along with your team members.  You will have an endless number of university students who will work hard and with enthusiasm.  Co-op Builders Training and Mentoring package includes a trip to your team location to meet your team in person.

YEAR 3 – Housing Builders Training and Mentoring Program – learn how your donation will help your team cover the cost of construction.  ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex is a 70-unit arcology that will provide housing for the 50 members of your team, plus one unit for you!  You can use it as your permanent address and become a lifetime member of the team or you can visit anytime you want. It’s up to you.  The remaining units will be rented out for additional income for the co-op as overnight stay, timeshares, or long-term apartments managed by the team.


Team Building in Rwanda

In Rwanda, we have gathered team members from the school of law, the school of education, the school of medicine, the school agriculture, the school of business and Entrepreneurship, and the school of engineering.  The combination is strong enough to build new communities from the ground up using the latest in sustainable green technology. The teams in Rwanda are developing cooperatives that help to eradicate poverty in a permanent way.  We started with seven locations.  We intend to continue this process until we have 7000 locations.  This is a very easy, done-for-you option as a team builder.  We have already laid the foundation and we already have an endless supply of educated university students who are on waiting lists to join the next team.

Team Building Outside of Rwanda

Using Rwanda as a template and a model, we intend to scale to other countries.  We need team builders like you to guide this process every step of the way.  It is a significantly more challenging goal to start a team in an area where there is no foundation.  If you have a specific location in the world that you are focused on, we are here to help!  You will be fully equipped through training and on-going mentoring for life.  We will help you establish a new team and help you boldly go where no ARC7 has gone before.


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