How to Be a Life Coach


We believe that 30 days with a coach is the best way to become one!  Learn from the best and emulate the life-changing role of a life coach.

What does a coach do?
Coaches are retained on a monthly basis to help achieve long-term goals.

  • Business Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Success Coach
  • Health Coach

Goals may include:

  • starting a business
  • losing weight
  • writing a book

Our Coaches are trained to accelerate progress:

  • developing your life purpose
  • getting organized
  • re-evaluation and re-direction of your energies
  • finding your voice
  • preparing for leadership
  • finding a business mission statement

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When you complete a 30-day Certification it means that you have worked closely with your coach and done the assignments within that time period. Take as long as you need to complete before signing up for your next certification. It is a rewarding process.  You will work closely with a life coach who will rock your world and change your life forever.  As this is taking place, you are learning how to duplicate this process with your own clients.  By the time you have completed this process, you will be a paid life coach for ARC7.


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