How to Be a Mission Influencer






You can change the world by doing a fundraising campaign on your youtube channel.  We set you up with your own mission webpage with your own “donate” button.  Every dollar you raise supports an ARC7 mission location of your choice.  You can support a missionary or become one!

Do you know people who dream of going on a mission?  You can team up with them!  You can pool your money together to pay the donation. You will have interesting content for your youtube channel for the rest of your life because the story never ends!

Your donation will cover the cost of the cost of your travel to Africa, which includes a 4-day stop in Europe.  When you get to the airport, your team will be waiting to meet you!

You are welcome to visit briefly or stay long-term.  Because of your generous donation, your team will drill a well, set up food production, open a restaurant, and create jobs for the team members.  The ARC7 film crew will make a documentary of your visit and follow your team’s progress for many years to come.  Daily videos will be posted on your webpage.  You can share your page on social media.

This is an example of the campaign button we will make for you and your team of influencers.  Click on the button to see the full page with description and photos.


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