How to Be a Spiritual Guide


Spiritual Human Connection

We teach our Empaths to balance heart and mind to help you create spiritual power based on real-world solutions.  They will offer you live, deep, human connection. This is the basis of our multidimensional online program that will transform your life in body, mind, and spirit.  Phone, text, and email, plus assignments that will get to the heart of the matter.

You will receive a completion certification that reflects the work you were able to complete.

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What does Spiritual Guide mean?

An Spiritual Guide is a special person with almost psychic ability to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling, or need in order to heal.  They offer ways to:

  • balance heart and mind
  • transform negative to positive
  • release trapped emotions
  • help you connect to Source
  • learn to love being alone
  • learn to love being with people
  • discover Mother Earth
  • heal trauma
  • allow yourself to be nurtured


Guiding through the ascension process:

  • Finding who you really are.
  • Why are you here.
  • Harnessing your gifts.
  • Releasing trapped emotions.
  • Breaking free.
  • Transforming negative energy.
  • Invoking your power.

An Empath sends energy remotely which is often a draining process. They will help battle dark energies until you are free from any trace of bondage. Because the process requires more than average skill and commitment, an Empath will only take one clients at a time.

Tax Deductible! This differs from a commercial business because all proceeds go into accomplishing the organization’s goals to have a charitable outcome and social impact.


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