How to Be a Virtual Tutor


Teach Students in Africa

Compassion tutoring improves academic performance and also impacts well-being!





A Virtual Tutor is a certified Compassion Leader with ARC7 who is also experienced in teaching and tutoring basic academic subjects. A Compassion Tutor helps a child overcome adversity and continue forward with their education. When a child is experiencing trauma, their learning abilities are diminished.  This can impact their entire academic career and negatively impact their income earning potential throughout their lives.

When you become a Compassion Tutor for ARC7, the proceeds from this training will be used to purchase three laptops to create a virtual school where students can receive personal online instruction from you.  A small amount of attention can go a long way in changing the life of a young person in a developing country.  Our virtual schools use Kahn Academy free online courses from early learning all the way through college level courses.  A child can go back to the beginning, catch up, and even pass their peers when they receive this kind of online tutoring.


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