How to be an Angel Investor


Mentor a startup entrepreneur.
Our trained entrepreneurs have vision and passion for a specific project that will improve the lives of their local communities. They have project proposals and income projections that might need your help to solidify.

Your investment might include:
buying hectares of land in Africa, drilling wells, installing solar powered pumps, a water tank, installing sanitation, building food production systems, or developing local income generating projects.
Some projects might be for nonprofit purposes, such as setting up a camp for street boys, creating a performance academy, or helping young women understand reproduction.





An Angel Donor with ARC7 will help develop a local ARC7 Rural Cooperative in a poor community.  The cooperative is a local grassroots efforts to establish water, food, and housing to eradicate poverty once and for all.  We call this program “Angel Donor” to attract philanthropists who can see the long-range vision of eradicating poverty one community at a time.

Angel Donors can get involved at any point in the three-year development of an ARC7 Rural Cooperative:

Year 1 – Team Building

Year 2 – Co-op Building

Year 3 – Apartment Building

PHASE 1 – Team Building – We gather a team of 50 university students who will write proposals for their final projects.  This process takes about one year. Team members are very committed to see their projects through to completion as a 3 to 5 year plan.  Your donation will stabilize the team members as you help them through their daily struggles with medical issues, school fees, transportation needs, phone repairs, muggings, and losses.  As angel donor, you have the option to start at the beginning stages of the co-op and follow the progress from beginning to end.

PHASE 2 – Co-op Building – Your team will begin the income generating process.  During this process they will drill wells, set up food production, build apartments, and create jobs for members of the team.

PHASE 3 – Apartment Building – Your donation will help your team cover the cost of construction.  ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex is a 70-unit arcology that will provide housing for the 50 members of your team. The remaining units will be rented to bring income to the co-op.  The ARC7 complex includes 7 centers:

  1. SURVIVAL Center where they will assist their community with nutritious food and clean water.
  2. BODY Center where they will offer basic medical and dental services to their community.
  3. MIND Center where they will educate children who have no access to education and adults who want to improve their income potential.
  4. SPIRIT Center where they will enrich the community with the arts of every kind.
  5. FAMILY Center where they will offer empowerment programs to women and children, and teach gender equality concepts to the community.
  6. COMMUNITY Center where they will set up a marketplace for the community to exchange their goods and services.
  7. HUMANITY Center where they will offer compassion training, team building, and community building to the community.

Building in Rwanda

In Rwanda, we have gathered cooperative members from the school of law, the school of education, the school of medicine, the school agriculture, the school of business and Entrepreneurship, and the school of engineering.  The combination is strong enough to build new communities from the ground up using the latest in sustainable green technology, eradicating poverty in a permanent way.  We started with seven locations, with a goal to continue this process until we have 7000 locations.  We already laid the foundation in Rwanda and have an endless supply of educated, enthusiastic, university students who are on waiting lists to join the next ARC7 team.

Building Outside of Rwanda

Using Rwanda as a template and a model, we intend to scale to other countries.  We need investors like you to make this possible.  It is a significantly more challenging goal to start a cooperative in an area where there is no foundation.  If you have a specific location in the world that you are focused on, we are here to help!  With your donation we will help you establish a new cooperative in a new location to help you boldly go where no ARC7 has gone before.


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