How to Change the World on a Budget


Give this uplifting course as a gift to someone who wants to change the world.  The world will thank you!



Human Connection

Do you know someone with an infectious smile that lights up a room when they walk in?  This is a very effective superpower that cannot be overemphasized.  If you have the funds, but not the time, why not give the gift that will impact the world on many levels?


When people are unhappy, it is a clear indication that their Foundational Universal Needs (FUN) are not being met.  Love and laughter are crucial to our success and our happiness.  Human connection is the fastest way to activate spiritual gifts and set people free from anything that might be dragging them down.  We teach how to provide that human connection remotely.

Personal Attention

We believe in one on one, personal attention.  We train coaches and consultants to be Certified Compassion Leaders (CCLs) who are ready to fulfill their life purpose by helping others find their smile and begin to see the world in a new and exciting way.

We believe that the best way to learn how to change the world is to talk to people who are already doing it!  Our certified Compassion Leaders are eager to talk to you on the phone to complete their mission as a Coach, Consultant or Empath.


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