Quit Smoking Using E-Cigarettes

Quit Smoking Using E-CigarettesPremium eCigarettes – Quit Smoking!

No Tar – No Tobacco 

No Ash – No Flame – No Smell 

E-Cigarettes save the environment!

Plant Oils improve health.


Quit Smoking Using E-Cigarettes:

Millions of people would love to quit smoking but can’t seem to reach that goal.  Some fear that if they stop smoking they will gain weight.  Let’s kill both birds with one stone!  Let’s stop smoking and lose weight at the same time.

More than 70% of smokers want to quit according to recent polls, yet most of them are not successful.  This is one habit that is next to impossible to quit.Tobacco companies are counting on this tenacious addiction to maintain the continuous rise in profits they have experienced since they began.

E-cigarettes have been used as a healthier replacement for smoking tobacco cigarettes and as a successful method for overcoming tobacco addiction. Because e-cigarettes require no fire, they produce no smoke. Burning smoke is the cause of the lung cancer associated with smoking. The “e-liquid” used contains no tobacco but uses a liquid form of nicotine instead.

E-liquids can be purchased in a variety of flavors with measurable nicotine strengths to gradually decrease the amount of nicotine you are putting into your body. Many e-liquids have no nicotine at all. Some smokers report that their smoking habit to be more than an addiction to nicotine, but also something to “do” and something to “hold” in their hand when they are nervous. E-Cigarettes provide both of these needs while providing the means to eliminate the addiction to nicotine entirely.

cigarette buttsNo Ifs, Ands or Butts!

4.5 trillion cigarette butts are littered each year and 32% of all marine debris turn out to be cigarette butts.  One million birds and 100,000 mammals die each year due to marine debris. More than 12 billion butts are thrown away each day that will take more than 15 years to decompose. The toxic chemicald that leach into the soil from this endless supply of butts end up in our water supply. Do the planet a favor and switch to reusable e-cigarettes!  Throwing away a cigarette butt is the ultimate recycling sin.

E-cigarettes create no fire. They create no ash. You have no butt to dispose of. You need no dirty, smelly ash trays.  E-Cigs have no tar, no carcinogens and when using essential oils instead of nicotine the result instead of unhealthy addiction and damage to your health is improved health and wellness and freedom from addiction! You get the “Breath of Life” Instead of the “Kiss of Death” as one e-cigarette company, HoliSmokes.com, who supplies e-liquids that are all natural essential plant oil blends with no nicotine at all.

Tobacco companies instill fear about the e-cig saying they are more harmful than cigarettes and that not enough health studies have been conducted. While we may not have many clinical trials about the use of e-cigarettes for nicotine we do have decades of studies on the miraculous health benefits of aromatherapy.  There may be some question about the health risks of frequent inhalation of vegetable glycerin.

So far, the most common noted side effect of inhalation of e-liquid containing vegetable glycerin is a dry mouth, sore throat, and increased thirst. These symptoms usually last just a few days to a week as the body is introduced to the vegetable glycerin. These symptoms can be alleviated by drinking more liquids. It’s interesting to see tobacco companies try to appear to be concerned about your health when they have never hesitated to continue to supply each new generation with lethal tobacco cigarettes in spite of the piles of evidence, clinical studies and millions of deaths related to their products.

Arguments against e-cigarettes also include the possibility that new smokers will jump on the vaopr band wagon because they think it is not harmful.  The truth is, if these new vapor users choose plant oils instead of e-liquids that are made from flavorings and liquid nicotine they will actually be improving their health by doing so. If you choose a flavorful essential oil such as cinnamon or black pepper you might find that the impact of the high-frequency plant oil will knock out the desire for the taste of a cigarette and give you the edge you need to overcome this addiction.

If you are moving from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you will find there are many side effects associated with reducing or ceasing the use of tobacco products including bad breath, stomach pain, nausea, constipation, increased appetite, skin breakout’s, increased coughing, insomnia, depression, vagueness, irritability, gas, dry throat, nasal drip, dizziness, and vertigo. Many of these side effects will be alleviated by using the e-cigarette filled with essential plant oils.


Mother Nature Saves the Day Once Again! 

Herbs and flowers are packed with powerful healing properties. The oil from these plants are the lifeblood of the plant. When the oil is heated slightly they give off an aroma that carries with it all of the healing properties of the plant. This healing aroma is called aromatherapy. When used in an e-cigarette personal diffuser it saves lives and saves the environment at the same time!

Personal Diffusers, also known as Electric Cigarettes or “E Cigs” have become a recent favorite for aromatherapy. Due to the direct and instant impact the essential oils have on the body e-cigs are winning the approval of even the staunchest non-smoker like me!  The heating coil of the electric cigarette slightly heats the oils into a vapor that is taken directly into the mouth, nose and lungs. Essential oil vapor is not harmful in any way as it raises the body’s frequency and brings  healing oxygen to the blood detoxifying every cell of the body.

Vegetable glycerin is used as the base of most e-liquids and responsible for the vapor cloud it produces that mimics the cloud of a tobacco cigarette. Cigarette smokers find this vapor cloud familiar and comforting as they move away from conventional smoking to the use of a personal diffuser, but this vapor is nothing like smoke.  It is not produced by burning ash but by gently heating the e-liquid into a vapor.

The most common noted side effect of inhalation of e-liquid containing vegetable glycerin is a dry mouth, sore throat, and increased thirst. These symptoms usually last just a few days to a week as the body gets used to the vegetable glycerin. These symptoms can be alleviated by drinking more liquids or eliminating vegetable glycerin from the e-liquid.

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