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777- Building Your Profile

Now is the time talk face to face with us!

Please make a video to verify your your identity.

This video is to protect our members. Sometimes people on the internet use fake identities. For example, an old man will say he is a young girl and try to get your personal information or your money. We eliminate that issue by asking for a quick verification video.

In your video, tell us your name, your country and today’s date. The date helps to ensure that the video is current and not showing you at a much younger age.

“Hello everybody.
My name is _______________ and I am from _______________.
Today is ___________ /____________ 2021″



No more than 10 or 15 seconds long.

Go to your profile to post your video.

You will see videos in the left sidebar.

Click on “add video”

G- 260247763