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Complex PTSD Trauma Assessment

Count how many questions below that you answer with “yes.”
The more “yes” answers the more likely it is that you may be suffering from CPTSD.

  1. Were your caregivers traumatized in their childhoods? Yes/No
  2. Were your parents incarcerated for periods of time during their childhoods (such as in an Indian residential school or a concentration camp? Yes/No
  3. Did your caregiver(s) suffer from mental illness? Yes/No
  4. Did your parents misuse substances? Yes/No
  5. Did your caregivers deny or discount your feelings or experiences? Yes/No
  6. Were your caregivers cruel? Yes/No
  7. Were your caregivers insensitive to your needs? Yes/No
  8. Did you feel invisible to your parents? Yes/No
  9. Were you responsible for meeting your parent’s needs or soothing their distress? Yes/No
  10. Were you abused as a child? Yes/No
  11. Were you neglected as a child? Did you lack any of the necessities of life? Yes/No
  12. Did you experience ongoing traumatic events in your childhood? Yes/No
  13. Did your caregivers protect and comfort you when you had upsetting experiences? Yes/No
  14. As a child, did you dream of running away but felt powerless to do so? Yes/No
  15. Did you have fantasies of being rescued from your life? Yes/No
  16. Did you have other sources of trauma in your childhood such as being bullied at school? Yes/No
  17. Did you hate yourself? Yes/No
  18. Did you find it especially difficult to calm down or self soothe? Yes/No
  19. Did you use food to regulate your emotions? Yes/No
  20. Did you feel spaced out, like your body was there but you were not in it? Yes/No
  21. Did you feel chronically vigilant, like you were on guard all the time for the next bad thing that was going to happen? Yes/No
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