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Discussion Pledge

Our group rules are:

1) Be Kind and Courteous.

Be Kind and Courteous. We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Treat everyone with respect.

2) ARC7 Related Posts Only.

ARC7 Related Posts Only. Keep all questions and comments related to ARC7. Off-topic posts will be removed. Continual infringement may result in you being banned from the site.

3) No Promotions or Spam.

No Promotions or Spam. Give more than you take to this group. Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren’t allowed and will result in you being banned from the site.

4) Recommendation Disclosure Required.

Recommendation Disclosure Required. If you recommend a product or service that could result in financial gain for yourself, then it needs to be explicitly stated. Failure to do so will result in restricted posting privileges.

We only accept comments from members who have agreed to our group rules.

Do you agree?

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