Reach for the Limits

Facebook has limits to make sure that robots cannot post millions of spam comments.

These are the limits:

1- 60 friend requests per day.

Please send 60 friend requests every day in the groups you have joined!

2- 30 comments in groups per day.

Please write 30 comments in the groups you have joined every day!

3- 13 groups per day can be joined.

Please join 13 new groups every day!

4- 13 posts in groups per day.

Please copy and paste our message in 13 groups per day.

5- Send messages in Facebook messenger. NO LIMITS!!!!

6- The goal is to put 10 to 15 appointments on the calendar every week.

Please invite at least 30 people, because half will not come.

7- The goal is for 2 or 3 of these appointments to result in a new member of the sales team!

This is a full-time job!!!


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