-Well-Being Retreats

We’re looking for people who dream of living in a world where everyone is safe and warm, fed and clothed, loved and respected.   We’re looking for people will never be happy with anything less than Global Well-Being because they know that we are all connected and what happens to one happens to all.  If that’s you, we would like to invite you to Global Well-Being Quarterly Retreats for personal and global well-being.

Our retreats and our well-being workshops focus first on personal well-being, establishing a connection in body, mind and spirit and setting out to identify our gifts and our life purpose.  We then can begin to share what we have discovered to contribute to the well-being of others. The mission of these quarterly retreats is to facilitate this shift from survival mode to personal well-being, and from personal well-being to global well-being. We take all these concepts home with us when the retreat is over to organize and lead a local hub of connection in our workplace, our schools, our churches, and other circles of influence.

The workshops are divided into two categories: personal well-being and global well-being. During our 7 days together you will participate in all of the workshops at least once. We believe that there will be one workshop that resonates with you more than all the rest.  If so, we hope that you will consider offering this workshop in your local area. Each one of these workshops can stand alone and any one of them can be the perfect way to bring awareness to global well-being in your local area. The rest of the workshops can be added one by one as new leaders join with you.  This is how each hub of connection will develop into a fully functional Center for Global Well-Being.

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What are some of the benefits of gathering together face to face with the co-founders and like-minded people?

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