Global Well-Being Quarterly Retreats

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In order to create a think tank environment that is efficient and productive, we only invite those who are enrolled in one or more of our certifications to join us for our Quarterly Retreats.  If a brand-new person participated in a think tank, they would have many time-consuming questions.  For this reason, we offer extensive online educational programs where members can learn at their own pace before participating in our Quarterly Retreats.

We hope every member of the Conscious Community will eventually participate in the Global Well-Being Quarterly Retreats and help to establish a powerful unified presence of highest well-being in their local areas. By working together we can make the world a better place. While groups are very small and intimate, we are able to hold the retreats at the home of our founder, Tere Foster, in Columbia, Missouri.  However we anticipate a time when there will be too many participants to fit comfortable in her home.





If you want to be notified of our next quarterly retreat, type "retreats" as the subject below.

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