Rice and Beans

The reason why we start lunch and dinner with rice and beans is to be able to answer “yes” to the question, “is it healthy?”

With so much misinformation being circulated on the topic of diet and health, one our goals is to develop a diet plan that uses the latest in verifiable research.


Whole grain brown rice unprocessed in any way is the healthiest food on the planet. Health benefits of brown rice include better functioning of cardiovascular system, digestive system, brain and nervous system. It is loaded with powerful antioxidants which provide relief from a range of ailments such as hypertension, unhealthy levels of cholesterol, stress, mental depression and skin disorders. High nutritional content in brown rice proves effective in various medical conditions such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders and insomnia. It has anti-depressant properties and helps maintain healthy bones and stronger immune system.


Organic beans are the best source of protein on planet earth.  They are low in fat, high in fiber and high in protein.  No one ever developed heart disease, diabetes, cancer or obesity from eating beans, when in fact animal products are the leading cause of the top four killers. Yet many people are still convinced that meat and dairy are the best source of protein, a myth perpetuated by the meat and dairy industry that profits heavily from American diets that are high in animal products.

The Atkins and other diets tell you to avoid whole foods that are high in carbs and instead stick to high protein foods in order to lose weight.  However, your health will pay the price with diet-related diseases that can easily be prevented and reversed with a whole food diet.


Rice and Beans in Combination

The combination of rice and beans is found in every culture and ethnic cuisine.  The rest of the world knows how to cook and prepare meals from whole foods.  Americans have lost sight of what their great grandparents once knew: That Mother Earth provides everything we need for ultimate health and well-being and no harm has to come to animals, the environment or our fellow man in the process.

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