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Want to bring about real change in the world?

We empower university students to eradicate poverty in their communities.

Our Compassion Leader Training requires a final project that will eradicate poverty in Rwandan communities. Implementing these projects also transforms the lives of Rwandans university students and puts them on a path of accomplishment, self-reliance, and community service. Your donation allows ARC7 to pay a small stipend directly into the hands of these students as they implement their community projects.

A monthly recurring donation of $7 allows them to buy a 20 pound sack of rice to share.

A one-time donation of just $35 pays school tuition for a full semester.

$100 a month allows them to initiate projects like this to help child mothers continue their education and give their child a brighter future.

Every project is as unique as the leader who is planning it, from food production to internet access, to a camp for street kids, to a supportive program for child mothers. Final projects will create part-time jobs, will serve a goal of at least 100 people per month, and will work towards a goal to become self-sustaining after one to two years. ARC7 teaches leaders how to apply for small project grants, but typically, grant makers do not permit the grant money to be used to pay anyone. That means without your donation that this crucial work would have to be done by unpaid volunteers! 

Your donation can go a long way to support Compassion Leaders in generating jobs and bettering communities in Rwanda, the 16th most poor nation in the world instead of expecting them to work for free. With your donation, you are helping ARC7 to offer individual Compassion Leaders a fair and equitable alternative to the grant-making industry. Your donation sustains them as they uplift their communities.

Help us sustain them as they transform their communities.  Please donate today! is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.” Citation.

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