Rwanda Agribusiness

Future site of a Tomato Farm

New businesses like Theogene’s Tomato Farm can help to create the foundation for ARC7 food production.

Theogene’s Tomato Farm

Theo has a plan to turn a hectare of land that his parents gave him into a tomato farm. Gahini sector where he lives does not have a good supply of tomatoes.

A Hectare of Land

Can change lives!

He intends to use modern watering equipment to increase his potential profit as well as offer jobs to local villagers.

This is Theo’s worksheet.

He intends to show a profit within one planting of tomatoes.

He is looking for assistance with to buy a water pump. This will make it possible for him to water the entire piece of land efficiently and move into the modern world of agriculture.

We intend to support this startup with the capital outlined on his worksheet.

To understand rwf Rwandan Franc

you can take three zeros off.

$1 = 1000 rwf

He needs 1,484,000 rwf

This is equal to $1,484

Samuel, Isaac, and Eric, members of the ARC7 Rwanda team, have accepted the challenge to support Theo for the first crop planting to help get his business started. They are making plans to produce additional products.

Samuel, Isaac, and Eric have traveled to join Theo !


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