Rwanda University Students

University of Rwanda NYAGATARE Campus went into COVID lockdown in July of 2021. These students used the lockdown situation as an opportunity to form a team and complete the ARC7 Compassion Training. We gave them small grants to get them through the year.

Now we have ARC7 dozens of University Students in Rwanda who are working together to make a plan for the future of Rwanda. They each will go back home to different regions to build ARC7 with their family and friends.

Ngoga Audace


Ngoga is the leader of the group who gathered fellow students from the university to form the ARC7 Rwanda team. He owns his own business growing and selling bananas to local businesses in Kilgali. He has overcome tragedy of wrongful imprisonment of his father.

Ngoga has completed the ONBOARDING process and is an ARC7 SOLUTIONARY.

Theogene Mwizerwa

Theo was Ngoga’s roommate during lockdown. Theo has a hectare of land that he plans to use for agribusiness in Kayonza district, Gahini sector. He overcame the adversity of losing his father to genocide.

Theo has completed the ONBOARDING process and is an ARC7 SOLUTIONARY.

Pascal Hakizimana

Pascal has two more years of school to finish his Bachelor’s. He lost both parents at a young age. As an orphan, he was able to get support and government assistance to go to the university in Nyagatare.

Due to covid he no longer has this support.

Pascal has completed the ONBOARDING process and is an ARC7 SOLUTIONARY.


We intend to support these young SOLUTIONARIES as they pursue their dreams and carve out their niche in the Rwandan economy.

TECHNOLOGY: We are looking for donations to provide them with better technology including a laptop and an upgraded phone for each of them.

BUSINESS GRANTS: We also intend to support their efforts to start new businesses with small startup grants.

EDUCATION: We hope to offer them the opportunity to visit America and attend a semester here in the USA.

ARC7: We hope to train 100 SOLUTIONARIES in Rwanda who will form the team that will build ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex.

Your donations will help us reach these goals.

More Members in Rwanda

Members in Rwanda who are in the process of completing the ONBOARDING courses:

Pascal Bizmana

Pascal Bizmana and Pascal Hakizimana have been friends all of their lives. They were roommates at university. Now they are locked down in Gisagira and can’t leave.

For now, they will find employment until they can travel to join the Rwanda Agribusiness in Gahini.

Robert Irabaruta

Robert is an electrical engineer. He lives with his family in Gahini sector. He is developing an agribusiness growing and selling fruit and vegetables.

Samuel Kwizera

Samuel has one more year to complete his Bachelor’s and intends to get his Masters to be a teacher of:


Samuel is joining the Rwanda Agribusiness in Gahini to help a startup company.

Isaac Muhawenimana

Isaac is a student at the University of Rwanda. Isaac and Samuel are roommates.

Isaac is excited about starting an agribusiness with other members of the Rwanda team in Gahini.

Eric Kubwimana

Eric studied with his friends at the University of Rwanda.

He is hoping to complete the ONBOARDING process soon.

He joined the Rwanda Farmers to help the startup agribusiness in Gahini sector.

Hans Bwanakweli

Ngoga brought Hans to the group. They know each other from school. Hans owns a restaurant called “Inka Plate” and also has a nonprofit organization that feeds a group of hungry children called “Inka Kids.”


Your donations will help us provide online education, coaching, and financial support for these leaders and their projects.


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