Sales Team

Sales Team

Read This!!

I’m looking for people who can follow the instructions below step by step without assistance. This shows me that you have strong tech skills and strong English skills and strong phone skills and strong self-reliance skills. Here we go!!!!

Start Here – What’s the Goal?

Week 1 – Set Up

1- Set-Up your Facebook 

a- Your Name – switch first to last

b- Shorten Your Name – non-US

c- Profile Picture – head only, not body

c- Cover Picture – ARC7 banner

d- Bio – your new job title

e- Share 10 Posts – ARC7 posts will verify your membership

f- Send me a message or a friend request.

g- Join Whatsapp Sales Team

Week 2 –

2- Join Facebook Groups

a- Ask for a keyword.

b- Join 100 groups using your keyword to search on Facebook.

c- Why Do You Want to Join? – copy and paste the answer

d- Group Rules – Beware!

e- Reach for the Limits – Be careful not to violate the limits.

f- Post the job description.

Week 3

3- Recruiter Training

Searching for Talent

a- About Setters

b- About Closers

c- About Clients

d- Search Facebook groups.

e- Answer message requests.

f- How to find the right people.

Week 4

4- Recruiter Conversation Steps

a- Send friend requests to setters and closers.

b- Send thank you to each person who accepts your friend request

c- Invite Setters

d- Invite Closers

e- Invite Clients

f- US UK or Canada only.

g- When they don’t talk about the job, ask them this IMPORTANT QUESTION.


Calendar – Setting Appointments

a- Calendly Link 

b- Learn Calendly software

c- Reminders

d- Learn how to set an appointment.

e- Final Message – after they set an appointment.

f- How to Prepare for your Interview

Week 5

5- Setter Jobs – Group Interview Link

Setter’s Resources

a- Weekly Training – on zoom – Mandatory

b- Setter’s Calendar link – Set appointments

c- View appointments on the Calendar.

d- Setter’s Training Video – Kyle Rodgers

e- Setter scripts – zero resistance

f- Script for Setting Appointments – see examples

g- Setter’s Give-Aways – add value to groups

Week 6

6- Closer jobs

Closer’s Resources:

a- Weekly Training – on zoom – Mandatory

b- Deliverables – Our Value Ladder.

c- Our Avatar

d- Our Brand

e- Our Courses – 12 Modules of Spiritual Training

f- Our Mastermind – Collaboration and Integrated Marketing

g- Our Think Tank

h- Our Projects – Example

i- Setter scripts – talking to successful coaches.

j- Closer Scripts – zero resistance

k- Collaborator scripts – building rapport

l- Kyle’s Swipe file

m- Kyles Tuesday Closer Training Videos

Week 7

7- How to Get Hired at ARC7.Network

a- Management Positions

b- About ARC7.Network

c- Our Point System

d- Our Badge System

e- Perks – free training.

Set an Appointment for a Job Interview

G- 260247763