Diseases such as typhoid, malaria, cholera, hiv/aids, and dysentery are directly related to sanitation. We also can avoid disease by washing our hands after a bowel movement and avoiding contact with feces. If we intend to upgrade a village to a better quality of life, the first step is drilling a well for clean water and the second step is set up better sanitation. Providing toilets and an effective way to handle human waste that will eliminate the possibility of spreading disease.

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Sanitation in the Civil War

Kitchen composting.

Biofuels made from Biosolids

Biofuels made from anything organic

Amy Lin
Dirty Hands Design Studio,
Santa Fe, NM,

New Toilets

Waste Treatment
Biosolids - 18-day process
used for land application

BioSolids for Agriculture

Part 1

part 2

part 3

Terra Preta - "Black Earth"

Bill Gates challenges innovators to design a toilet that doesn't use water.

New Toilets

Don't call anything "WASTE."

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