Intelligent questions will lead to Global Well-Being.  

Before we can make new plans to ensure the SURVIVAL of the planet, we must first inspire and educate our participants to higher ideals.

We hope to gather and organize the Conscious Community to become a strong influence in their local families and communities.  We will ask governments and corporations to voluntarily adopt the 7 questions of well-being as a guideline for all future decisions.

Products, projects and candidates who can answer "yes" to these 7 questions will be supported by the community.   We can lift the entire population of the world to well-being on all 7 levels with these concrete questions that anyone can ask.

Our mission is to educate the world in ways that even a child can understand.  We partner with every uplifting organization in the world that seeks to UNIFY, INSPIRE, EDUCATE and ELEVATE people in a world that often seeks to oppose all that is good.


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What is the importance of having guideline screening questions for our choices?

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  1. The support offered by a center would be very important since it brings hope, and if one can see hope, they can achieve their goals. It’s motivational for people who want a better situation.

  2. The support offered by a center for global well-being is very important because usually people can’t climb to well-being alone because this world is harsh.

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