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It has been proven again and again that it is much easier to make positive daily lifestyle changes when we have the support of a group accountability system.  But we want more than fitness or weight loss.  We want well-being in body, mind and spirit.  The evidence that a person has physical well-being is the abundance of energy they have to meet the demands of their day, the restful sleep they enjoy, and the healthy physical appearance they project.

At the Self Care Center we equip leaders to gather their followers weekly for Well-Being Workshops in their local areas.  These workshops include our plan for exercise, diet and meditation.  These three together help produce peaceful sleep and physical well-being.

Self Care or Medical Care?

Self Care is the Best Health Care System

The Self-Care Center provides the foundation of long-lasting health and slowed aging.  We learn to appreciate and value the physical body we inhabit and treat it with utmost respect and care.  Our slogan is: "The best health care is self care."

Those who participate in this program are eligible to receive free medical and dental check-ups annually and free health care from the center's volunteer medical, dental and holistic team. Rather than offering a health care program that treats symptoms, we place the responsibility of health and wellness on the individual to prevent symptoms.  So a primary focus of the center is to help people care for their own bodies.  In this way we reduce health care costs to true emergencies.  All natural avenues will be explored before recommending medications or invasive surgeries.

Free health care at the Self Care Center will only be offered to those who treat their bodies with respect and honor, although we expect to have an army of healers who will be there to help those who are struggling with addictions or mental stress with an endless selection of healing modalities. Their goal will be to help everyone reach their highest physical well-being possible and to receive free health care from the Self Care Center.

Well-Being Workshops




We call this three dimensional approach "3D Health."  We believe in a more holistic approach to physical well-being than a typical fitness program offered at a gym or your typical diet program offered through a weight loss clinic.  By creating connection in body, mind and spirit we believe we reach a much higher objective of that sense of Physical Well-Being.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty...
otherwise we cannot keep our minds strong and clear."  --Buddha

See our workshops for more details.


How important is self care when reaching for physical well-being?

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