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Soj Tukai

Soj was the first in Sierra Leone to enroll in the ARC7 Team Leader Training. He is gathering a team in his local area to build ARC7.

As he builds his team, one challenge is the cost of internet. Many of his potential team members cannot afford the cost of data to complete the training. To overcome this challenge, Soj offered them assistance.

Rice is an important crop for the people of Sierra Leone, but it is imported from outside the country. With covid lockdown, many supplies like rice are not coming. There is a shortage of rice, which is a staple in Sierra Leone.

Soj intends to provide rice as quickly as possible to meet the needs in his region.

Watch the video to see one of the possible locations for planting rice.

Soj sold his own generator to pay for the rice plants and to send them food as they worked.

The most important part of the story is that the team did the work while Soj suddenly became sick. He was recovering from surgery while the Sierra Leone team cleared and planted the land!

David was the second team member to take the ARC7 Team Leader Training. He gathered a team of 18 people who came together to clear the land and plant the rice. They accomplished it in three days!

Watch the video to see their progress.


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