Simulated Universe

Elon Musk is among the many advanced thinkers who believe they have proof that this life is a virtual reality and our bodies are simulations.  This changes everything and nothing at the same time.  You still have to continue living with the same parameters, but perhaps with a new perspective that changes your life completely.

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Simulated Universe Theory

Virtual Reality equipment is relatively new yet already there are many VR games on the market.  Can you imagine how many there will be by this time next year?  What about in 100 years?  This is Elon Musk's reasoning for believing that life on earth is actually a virtual reality simulation.  Because if there are a million VR games available to play some day, then the odds are a million to one that we are in a VR simulation right now.

If we choose to believe that we are not in a simulation but are in the base reality right now, Elon Musk reasons that for that to be true, something prevented the millions of VR simulations to be created.  He speculates it would mean that there will be some kind of planetary destruction of all future advancements in technology OR we simply choose not to continue to advance.  Based on what we know of technology advancements today, we can speculate that people will always want to advance and never choose not to.

What do you think?

Are we in a virtual reality simulated universe right now?  If so, why do you think you chose to play this game of Life on Earth as opposed to other games that were available?

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