Social Well-Being

Can you picture the impact that increased well-being will have on your family as we work through each of the elements of well-being and begin to implement these strategies?  By the time we get to the fifth element of family, most of the steps that strengthen family relationships have already been addressed.  There are a few additional details remaining to help families become the strong building blocks of the community. These include:

  • preparing young people for marriage
  • supporting families during divorce
  • reducing the need for divorce
  • reducing trauma during divorce
  • reducing unwanted pregnancies
  • supporting unwed mothers
  • reducing the need for abortions
  • promoting responsible fatherhood

And much more.

It is never too early to teach children about the path to well-being.  The course can be done together as a family, and as you journey through the links and leave your comments, and encourage your children to have their own account, with their own ideas and their own comments, you can begin to imagine what well-being looks like in your own life, your own home and your own family. There is no more important course of study that will improve the lives of those in your family, improve the world and improve the future of mankind.

Teens and young adults especially benefit from our online learning format with a reward system that means something in the real world.  As your family members gain points and get promotions on they will have something that no other course of study will offer them: an opportunity to imagine living in the Center for Global Well-Being free of charge for the rest of their lives.


How much does family impact the well-being of an individual?

Please leave your comments below.

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