Spiritual Development


The SPIRIT Dimension
is Focused on Emotional Well-Being

SPIRIT is focused on emotions, the language of the universe.  Our projects spend time and energy learning more about the power of love, prayer, intention, and manifestation.  We start at the beginning to fully AWAKEN to the invisible realm and allow spiritual cleansing to take place.  We then move into ALLIANCE by collaborating with others regardless of their political, cultural, or spiritual ideologies.  Finally, we take the steps to ACTIVATE our spiritual and artistic gifts and talents for the express purpose of healing the emotions that cause heartache and illness.

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Meetups and Projects for Emotional Well-Being:







Ascension is a course that helps you to awaken.  Awaken to the invisible realm around you.  Learn that there is more to the "real world" than our five senses can experience.  Our training helps you to awaken your connection to your emotions until you feel strong and powerful in your own circumstances.  Learn to let everyone and everything else go. Focus on the real solutions in your life starting deep within you.  No one else holds the key to unlock your life but you.  Make "the choice" to listen to the positive voices in your heart and mind tune out the negative.  Become an Ascension Leader!







Gifts and Talents is a meetup that is focused on activating healing powers through all forms of art, 2D, 3D, music, dance, writing, speaking, acting, video production, audio production and all of the healing arts.  Artists and healers in history have always led the way toward ascension. We are looking for the kind of Artist Healer that has a strong desire to use creativity as a conduit for natural healing.  We hope to activate the healer within the artist and provide opportunities for that healing power to pour out onto a dry and thirsty world by showcasing their artistic offerings.  Become a Gift and Talent Leader in your local area!







Spiritual Alliance is a meetup focused on religious tolerance for traditional beliefs, modern beliefs, and new scientific studies that prove the existence of things beyond our five senses.  The power of oneness is available to us through focused attention on the dimensions beyond this one that we are experiencing now. This is how we will create a powerful alliance that can end oppression with a loving unity that can overcome all things.  Become a Spiritual Alliance Leader in your local area!

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