Spiritual Cooking

Like millions of faithful believers, I believe there will be a day when world hunger will be eradicated, every tear will be wiped away, and the lion will lay down with the lamb.  To find the entrance to this new world we must live in alignment with our assignment: to eradicate world hunger and wipe away every tear! We have to shift our focus from inward to outward and work together to make it happen. We have to “co-create” the world described in the 21st chapter of Revelation.  WE are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. The idea that we have to wait until God changes the planet for us– or in spite of us– is the opposite of the truths I hold dear.

You may ask yourself how we made the leap from writing a cook book to writing a sermon addressing our responsibility to solve world hunger. It will all become clear as we embark upon a cooking adventure that just might change the world.

In the eyes of many I have “strayed” way off of the grid. However, through my eyes I have “stayed” on the path that I was born to walk. I have “stayed” not “strayed.” When you follow your heart and resist the pressure to conform to the ideas and doctrine of others, it is often a difficult and lonely road. That is the story of my life, but I love it. I wouldn’t do anything any differently.

When people talk about being “off the grid” they mean they no longer rely upon the power and water supplied by the established suppliers. They sustain themselves from the earth through wind power, solar energy and well water. 

With this website, I applied the same concept of being “off the grid” for my food supply. I know that am able to sustain myself and my loved ones from Mother Earth and she has helped me return to the knowledge that has been all but lost. Like so many other truths, the skills we need to sustain ourselves have been lost with the entrance of the technology that provides a massive food supply chain with the ability to grow, manufacture, and process foods for the entire world. 

These advancements are great strides and steps towards eliminating hunger completely. The only problems is that the food they have produced is stripped, bleached, damaged, de-natured, genetically altered, and drowning in chemicals, additives and colorings that harm the health of those who eat them, bringing an entire civilization into captivity, referring to us a “the consumer.”  Many manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to create healthier foods and provide better quality products, however the masses cannot afford them and have come to prefer the poor quality, de-natured products. The only way to have the highest quality foods for less money is to learn the skills that have been lost. This will set us free from being “the consumer” and empower us to maintain health.

It all starts with food. Thus my belief that a series of cookbooks could change the world.

The technology of the  internet has pooled our collective knowledge into one accessible resource. It is an incredible “collective consciousness”. Now I am able to research and find out how to do what other people know how to do and they can find out what I know how to do.

While endless amazing knowledge became available to us through the information age, some information was lost at the same time.  Because food is supplied for us, we no longer have the drive to figure out how to be producers.

We lose much of our autonomy when someone else supplies the things we need for basic sustenance. Never before has mankind been dependent upon and subject to food suppliers, growers and manufacturers.  Are you starting to get the connection between changing the world and writing a cookbook that teaches how to produce food?

The vitality and riches that come from the earth feed the body, mind and spirit with power and energy that cannot be reproduced in any other way. Working with the soil, digging and exerting energy, burning calories, planting a seed, nurturing and tending life, watching it grow, eating the vitamin-rich harvest—there is no better source of holistic therapy. This nation spends millions of dollars on endless varieties of therapies, weight loss and exercise programs never stopping to ask the obvious question: Why are so many people depressed, obese, discontented and downright grouchy? I believe it all originates in the way we get our food. To live in alignment with our assignment on planet earth, we must return to the role of “the producer”, working in a life-regenerating garden to put life-regenerating whole foods on the table rather than acquiescing to the role of “the consumer” who works at a life-sapping job to put life-sapping manufactured foods on the table.

We are taught that the “ultimate plan of happiness” is to have indoor plumbing, wall to wall carpeting, closets stuffed with clothing, refrigerators stuffed with stuff to eat, entertainment of every imaginable genre, toys, games, iPods, cell phones, two cars in the garage, a pool and landscaping—taken care of by someone else—of course. Woo-hoo! We don’t have to dig. We don’t have to till. We don’t have to knead. We don’t even have to walk! We don’t have to bake. We don’t have to hunt or gather or plant or tend. We don’t have to carve or saw or hammer or chop wood. Our lives are not threatened by crop failure, Indians or wild beasts as in generations past. Why aren’t we the happiest people on earth? Why don’t we feel like we are in an upgraded Garden of Eden?

If this is truly the plan of ultimate happiness, then why is “stress” the reported cause of more than 80% of our trips to the physician?

The answer is to become the producer instead of the consumer of harmful products.  Spiritual eating is consciously choosing the highest quality foods for our loved ones and teaching them to treasure Mother Earth and all she generously supplies the way that the Creator intended.

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