Startup Check List

Have you completed these steps?

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Business Set-Up Checklist

Step 1: Choose a business that you are passionate about.

Step 2: Write a business plan using the 7 screening questions

Step 3: Get business mentoring and training

Step 4: Choose a business location

Step 5: Determine the legal structure of your business

Step 6: Register a business name ("Doing Business As")

Step 7: Obtain a business license in your local area

Step 8: Open a business checking using your business license



Business Creatives Checklist

Do you have these?


Business Video

Business Logo

Business Cards

Flyer / Tri-Fold

E-commerce / Shopping Cart

Product Development

Social Media Accounts

If you are done with the set-up tasks and the business creatives checklist,


You are ready to start marketing and sales!

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