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One-to-One Coaching

The Learning Center

MISSION: We want more than a job.  We want more than a career.  We want to combine our jobs, our careers, our gifts and our life purpose into one opportunity to serve humanity.

We believe in an individualized learning system rather than learning by age groups.  When a child or adult is allowed to learn at their own pace until they master the subject they are studying, we believe anyone can learn anything.  Thus a learning disability is not based on the apparent lack of ability of the individual, but the learning program's obvious lack of adaptability to the learning needs of each individual.  Group learning is part of a bygone system that is giving way to a more effective and equalizing individualized learning system.  Technology makes this possible in a way that a 30 to 1 student/teacher ratio could never do.

In an individualized learning system there is no such thing as grading.  Instead the goal is mastery.  There is no time limit or "end" to the education of anyone.  A child or adult is allowed to excel in the subjects that come easy and allowed to take all the time they need for subjects that are more challenging. Rather than pushing a student into subjects they don't enjoy or desire, they can focus on the subjects that motivate them to push forward.  When the learner becomes bored another subject can be approached.   In an individualized system, the strengths of each individual becomes clear.  These strengths can then be fully developed and fully utilized rather than spending precious development time on subjects that won't make a bit of difference to the learner, the community or the world.

This system teaches each individual the power they have when the education they experience is designed to develop a life purpose focused on utilizing strengths for the common good.  Life Purpose Careers are completely different than "getting a job".  The primary difference is the final objective is well-being for the individual, the community and the world.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them."

- Einstein 

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