Step 4



Center 4:

Joint Ventures


Hubs of Connection

Unity and synergy is the only way to successfully implement the Global Well-Being.  Success of the vision rests on developing significant alignment and resonance inside each participant.  Collaborations will flourish through think tanks, conference calls, message boards, phone, text and email.  Gifts, talents, resources, money, ideas and innovations are added every day from the Source of Well-Being.  These gifts must be connected into projects like gathering the pieces in an erector set where they can be fully utilized for "conscious creation" for the common good.  Together we can build something greater than we ever could before.  Some may offer labor.  Some offer capital.  Some have materials.  Some have equipment.  Some have experience.  Others have land.  Bring your gifts to the table and let's build something amazing!

Invent!  Create!  Lead! 

Artists, inventors, innovators and other creators must have support in order to offer the community their strengths.  The power of creation in any form can uplift and lead the community into greater well-being.  The empowerment center will provide the technology, machinery and marketing savvy to take an idea from start to finish.  The staff in the empowerment center will have the exciting job of developing people who have ideas.  The development process will have the objective of unlocking the potential within each individual to improve the lives of the members of the community and the world.

To set and reach these goals, the empowerment center may host art shows, expos, plays, concerts, lecture tours, seminars, think tanks and other events that feature the strengths of the members of the community and maximize their income producing potential.  Each member of the community will be a shareholder in the final product and will receive dividends from the profits.  The empowerment center will welcome community members with the gift of leadership, life purpose development, community development and administration.

The Empowerment Center offers workshop that teaches the power of unity and community through contribution and collaborations that fully utilize the strengths of each individual in support of global well-being.


 "When belonging begins, corruption ends." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


How important is owning your own business when reaching for well-being?



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