Step 5

Family Center

Social Well-Being 

Strengthen Families

Families are the building blocks of a community.  Communities are the building blocks of all humanity.  Families must be strengthened to hold the weight of the community on their shoulders.  When corporations took over the "mom and pop" business, they usurped the purpose of the family.

Problem: A Gallup study recently showed that humans must have six hours a day of direct social contact with friends and family to experience a sense of social well-being.  Like birds must fly in formation and fish must swim with a school, humans also have an instinct and need to interact with a family tribe.  Yet today's society separates families and sends each member of the family to a different location as soon as they wake up in the morning.  They are then placed into situations at work and school that prevent them from freely talking to one another. We cooperate with this plan in support of a completely new artificial focus of "making money" or "getting an education so we can make money."  Job opportunities often lead to relocation out of state or even out of the country, separating children from grandparents who might have played a large role in their sense of well-being. Relationships are sacrificed on the altar of "the almighty dollar."

Today we see people from other countries take advantage of the "American Dream."  They gather family and friends to create a shared vision of owning a restaurant, an apartment building or a dry cleaners.  They all work together to make the business thrive.  They share one home,  reducing the cost of living substantially.  Meanwhile American children are taught a completely different vision.  They are taught that the more education you get the better equipped they will be to "make money."  Visions, dreams and life purpose are discouraged while the focus is put on "getting a job" and learning how to impress the corporation that holds the key to their future.

Solution: The family business is the answer to the human requirements for social well-being.  When an individual is able to create his or her own destiny and gather family and friends with a shared vision, the sense of social well-being is instantly established. The day is spent with supportive family and friends instead of competitive strangers.  With a family business, a child grows up with the advantage of learning everything his father and grandfather knows.  When he is of age his family has something substantial to pass to him rather than forcing each generation to start from scratch.  The rising generation can keep the family business on the cutting edge of technology and discovery.

  • The family business must provide goods or services that can be added to the Contribution Center in step 1.
  • The business must be screened by the 7 Questions of Well-Being as in step 2.
  • The family will receive all they need from the learning center or the empowerment center in step 3 and 4 to keep the business on the cutting edge.
  • Family businesses can also cater to the need for recreational activities and family facilities such as pools, skate parks, sky diving, skiing and other community adventures.

This workshop teaches parents how to identify their children's strengths and develop them, and help them envision a life purpose that will fully utilize the strengths of each member of the family within their family business and provide a legacy to pass down to them when they are able to take it over.

"We must look to the rising generation for the restoration of the country."

- Robert E. Lee

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