Step 7

The Contribution Center

In a debt based society like ours, you focus on what you DON'T HAVE.  You borrow money you don't have to buy things you don't have.  Advertisers get you to buy what they are selling by making you focus on what you DON'T HAVE, yet only 1% of the items you purchase are still in use in 6 months.

“Each of us is a unique strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a contribution.”
― Deepak Chopra


Give What You Already Have

Definition: When people unite and pool their assets the pool get bigger with each new member.

Assets: Time, talents, skills, labor, education, experience, leadership, equipment, facilities, land and capital.

Compensation: Each member of the community invests their time, talents and skills to the community as "sweat equity" and in return becomes a shareholder in all of the community businesses.  As a shareholder, each community member will receive monthly dividends from the profits earned by their companies.   They will earn much more money than their hourly wage or salary would have been if they had worked at any other job opportunity.  Shareholders also receive the goods and services that the community members offer to the contribution center.  These goods and services add to the compensation package exponentially as more members contribute their time and talents to the Contribution Center. People have the option to volunteer their time and talents to run the center, create beautiful displays for the products, manage the deliveries, or welcome people as they come in.

Financial Well-Being: Together we will design and build the greatest community model on planet earth with the most exciting compensation package every offered, simply because the design and ownership is placed back into the hands of the people who will live and work there.  Our vision is to provide the benefits below free of charge to everyone in the world by educating locals to create a contribution center.  These locals will provide the Compensation Package for their own communities.  This Compensation Package is freely given to all those who contribute to the Contribution Center.

Problem: When the corporations took over each of the industries that support human survival, they effectively changed all of us into one dependent mass that they now call "the consumer."  Their goal was to create an invisible barrier between us and the things we need for survival.  This barrier is called "money."   They dismantled the family owned business, replacing quality handmade products with inferior, massed produced products that damage the body, harm animals and systematically destroy the planet.  In so doing, they made each person into an "employee" instead of an "owner producer."  America was founded by the family business, but as each owner producer was lured into working for the corporations instead of their own enterprises, they became part of "the workforce" with a brand new task of "making money."  This new role can never provide financial well-being because  success or failure in not measured by hard work and ingenuity but is decided by others, called "superiors."


Arc 7 Solution: We believe that the basic needs of life must be produced by the people who need them, not by international profiteers.  We believe that life supporting industries such as food and water must therefore be "reclaimed" by mom and pop businesses who produce just enough to support the arcology in which they live.  In so doing, each family will have products to offer to the contribution center.  In return they freely receive everything in the contribution center.  The contribution center ensures that we not only survive, but THRIVE!  Any surplus can be funneled into the poorest regions of the world.  The contribution center is the heart or the "hub" of the new budding "equanomic" economy.  The local city government together with the banks and philanthropists in every community would benefit greatly by donating a building for this purpose.  Their contribution might be the first step in creating "zero" poverty in their community.  A foreclosed property such as a closed down department store could be used to hold all of the contributions until an arcology is built.

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