Donation Letter

Organization: ARC7 for Global Well-Being
Charity ID: 85-0542102

Dear Generous Donor,

I am Teré Foster, founder of Our organization is working very hard to offer products, courses and mentor services that will improve quality of life for those who get involved. Please consider donating generously to ARC7 by TAKING COURSES, DONATING FUNDS, VOLUNTEERING or JOINING the THINK TANK. In so doing, you make it possible for us to offer these same products, services, and opportunities to others who can’t afford them. 

These courses will improve quality of life by helping to heal anything that is holding you back. Certifications from ARC7 can also lead to real-world work experience, by educating low-income families to be mentors for others who are new to the program. Their education (and yours) provides the opportunity to get involved in the planning and building of an ARC7 Arcology, co-creating a life in an environment of highest well-being.

I’m happy to let you know that in addition to the blessings of helping people to change their circumstances you can also be a beneficiary of tax benefits for the courses you take. We will assist you with a donation receipt to make sure you get your tax write off.

LEARN and EARN: We have a point system for low-income participants to help them pay for their own courses rather than receiving a “hand out.”  Points can be earned by being on the site, clicking on links, watching videos, and leaving comments. Everyone earns points by learning! These points can be used to buy courses or to trade between members.

Thank you in advance for any products and services that you pay for or funds you donate.  You will make it possible for low-income families to receive these courses along with you for better quality of life for all.


Teré Foster

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