Survival Equipment

Survival equipment can save lives.  When the power grid goes down you can keep your freezer or refrigerator on, have lights, and power your TV for the news. Patriot Power Generator 1800 is designed to protect you and your family in a blackout situation. This solar generator is powerful, portable, safe, silent and 100% fume-free. It functions using only the power of the sun! Includes 100-watt solar panel.  Silent is the key feature, because it won't draw attention to you.

Solar Phone Charger

Solar Generator

4Patriots Generator

Product Specs:

• Fume-free, silent and SAFE to use indoors

• Powers fridge, freezer, phones & medical devices

• Lithium-iron-phosphate battery

• Arrives 95% charged -- use it right out of the box!

• Holds charge up to 12 months, 2,500+ life cycles

• Lightweight -- only 40 lbs.

• Includes one 100w foldable solar panel

• FREE gift package & FREE Shipping

8 outlets

Coffee Pot
Aquarium Heater

Solar Flashlight / Charger

Solar Water Boiler

Water Filtration

USB Blender

G- 260247763