The SURVIVAL Dimension
is Focused on Financial Well-Being

We believe that SURVIVAL should be a group effort, like a tribe or a beehive.

Too many people are left behind.
Too many people struggle alone.

We intend to co-create a local membership club that will bring its members to highest well-being and greatest achievement.

Online first.  Then in person.

Learn and Earn Points:

Meetups and Projects for Financial Well-Being:

Making Our Own Currency







ARC7 Online Marketplace provides a way to post our goods and services like Ebay, but use our ARC7 points as currency.  The more courses we take, the more we learn,  the more points we earn.  This is why we call it the "Learn and Earn" program.

Earn points!  Spend points!

The first goal of ARC7 is to improve quality of life for our members.  We give you plenty of opportunity to earn points as you learn and grow spiritually, take online certifications, and get involved in ARC7 the game.  Soon you will have more points than you know what to do with!

The more items you place on the ARC7 Online Marketplace, the more cool stuff there will be to buy.  The more services you offer, the better your lives will become as a whole.  If you are already rich and don't need help, you can still benefit the lives of others by posting stuff on the online marketplace.  It also helps other ARC7 members when you pay them with your points because then they have more to spend.  If they offer goods or services, buy it with points and change their lives.  Learn more about the ARC7 Online Marketplace.

Gathering Together







Daily Zoom Gathering  is a project focused on forming human connection.  In the wild, when an animal is separated from the pack or the herd it becomes easy prey.  Survival depends upon being part of a group, a tribe.  It is our strong belief that highest well-being cannot be achieved alone. A crucial component of highest well-being is being part of a unified group that is involved in complex cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation.

The idea that you can do everything yourself;  love yourself, nurture yourself, and satisfy your own needs for affection and connection is contrary to everything we know to be true about the universe. We are all one.  Therefore becoming isolated, disconnected, self-focused, self-promoting, competitive individuals will prevent meeting our essential human needs for highest well-being.  We must form a hub where connections can be made.

Hub-Om is "the gathering" of the conscious community.  If you own a location where the hub can meet in your local area, get involved!  If you are good at gathering people together, get involved!  If you are excited about event planning, get involved!  The hub is where every other project can take place.  Become a Hub-Om Leader!

Learning Survival Skills







Garden Buddies is a group that meets to learn how to produce your own food, create your own compost, and reduce your trash.  Mother Earth provides it all in perfect balance with no waste! Learn how to become the producer instead of the consumer.

VEG7 Co-op is a project that lays the foundation for food production within a future ARC7 Arcology.  VEG7 co-op is a closed-loop support system for people in the food industry or people who want to be in the food industry.  We believe that SURVIVAL of our species depends on the local conscious community working together for the common good.  We all have to eat!  Why not figure out how to produce our own groceries?  No more GMOs.  Control the amounts of salt, refined sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, MSG, and aspartame!  We don't have to make enough for the whole world.  We just have to produce enough to sustain the people in the co-op.  VEG7 Co-op will work together until we have a functioning year-round food production system for the arcology.  If we produce more than we can consume, we can share with those who don't have enough or sell the excess in the local farmer's market.


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