Table: Parenting and Reparenting

DimensionsEssential Human NeedsEssential Parenting SkillsPARENTING AND
Traits & Skills DevelopedWhen Needs are Met
1SecurityProtectionensuring safety and comfort by providing a home that is clean, dry, safe, and warmResponsibilityResponsible
3PurposeGuidancefinding the origin of negative tendencies admitting faults, initiating positive changesSelf-EsteemConfident
4FreedomBoundarieslistening nonjudgmentally, allowing feelings affirming boundaries, allowing choiceCreativityRespected
5ConnectionGratitudecreating a sense of belonging for each member of the family, putting family firstLoveAccepted
6PowerEmpowermentsupporting goals, empowering progress making family decisions togetherEqualityValued
7PeaceEmpathyseeking mutually satisfying resolutions willing to compromise and be reasonableCompassionTrusted
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