One-Year Bulk Food Storage

I store large amounts of the exact same list of foods that I used in the Baker’s Rack, but I buy them in bulk and store them in buckets and cases. I then organize these in groupings and labeled them to make logical sense of it all so I can find things easily when I need to refill my containers upstairs.

BUCKETS – 4 gallon buckets are my favorite choice because they are lighter, just 25 pounds, and most grains and beans come in 25 or 50 pound bags. I also like the white buckets because they breathe and are not airtight. Remember grains and beans are alive, but dormant. They need to breathe or they will die and will not be able to sprout. I want living foods that can also be sprouted or planted. I stack the buckets in various shapes to make a corner table or a countertop. Place a table cloth over them and top with a 24×24 tile and you have a useful piece of furniture for a lamp or TV.

CASES OF #10 CANS – Seeds, dried fruits and vegetables and any powdered products must be sealed in #10 cans. These cans come in cases of six. Cases of #10 cans stack to make a table just as easily as the square buckets.

I collected one bucket of each grain and legume that I have in My Baker’s Rack and one #10 can of each nut, seed, dried fruit, dried vegetable, powders and flours.

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