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Hi !  My name is Teré,
the first half of “Teresa”

(and rhymes with “hooray!”)

I would love to work with you !

My handle is TereFoster777








Three music projects by Teré

Music and lyrics written and performed by Teré Foster

Music for

by Teré Foster

Video includes 23 minutes of motivational words, music, and exercises that we use for our synchronized flash mobs.

Listen to a sample:

Exercise! Dance! Celebrate!
A collection of upbeat music that we use for our flash mob celebrations.  You can choose to dance, sing, or play an instrument. Playing motivation music in your personal environment during exercise and chores will help you to reach your highest productivity.

Music for

by Teré Foster

50 minutes of relaxation piano solos with no vocals.  Guaranteed to slow your heart rate, put your soul at rest, and allow your body to heal.

Listen to a sample:

Healing by Teré Foster
A collection of quiet, original, piano solos will help to slow your heart rate and blood pressure for natural, non-addictive relaxation. Playing relaxation music in the background of your personal environment throughout the day will keep stress responses to a minimum.

Music for
Spiritual Cleansing

by Teré Foster

50 minutes of soft vocals and nature sounds with relaxing piano. Faith-based lyrics for transformation.  You will connect to the Spirit like never before.

Listen to a sample:

Spiritual Cleansing by Teré Foster 
A collection of piano solos with added vocals of faith-based introspection that will touch your heart and change your perspective.  Goes well with our courses on healing complex PTSD and healing relationships.

More music projects by Teré

Music and lyrics written and performed by Teré Foster

Three books by Teré

Books are included with the corresponding courses.


ABCs of


Healing from Religion

by Teré Foster



of Complex PTSD

by Teré Foster

for Well-Being

Food Production Cookbook

by Teré Foster

  • Teré loves to teach people how to heal themselves through natural and spiritual means.
  • Teré is certified in nutrition coaching and group exercise instructor.
  • She is a licensed minister and is able to perform weddings and visit hospitals.
  • She is a Certified Well-Being Advocate.
  • Her life purpose development courses are designed to encourage you towards highest well-being.
  • Her stated goal is to gather elders to educate young people to eradicate poverty in their communities.
  • These projects are intended to transform the world and their own lives at the same time.

Teré launched Arc7.org in 2020. The courses and coaching offered online and by phone are designed to transform the mindset of people of all ages and backgrounds.  ARC7 is for people who want to reach for highest well-being and global well-being at the same time.



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