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I hope I can inspire you on your journey to health and well-being and we can motivate each other to keep trying every day, no matter what life brings.
I was born with Ehlers-Danlos which has causes hyper-mobility of my connective tissues. When I was younger this made me very good at yoga and other physical activities that required flexibility. I have always taken very good care of myself and at 60 years old I have no grey hair and perfect eyesight, but after menopause, Ehlers-Danlos seemed to from flexibility to instability.  My joints began to dislocate very easily. My sinuses seem to have "deflated" which causes sleep apnea. The joints in my feet and hands, wrists and ankles pull apart easily and is very painful to do simple things. My muscles are strong but they pull apart when I strain in any way. It takes months or years to heal something that used to heal in a few days. This makes it hard to exercise, so I began to gain, weight making symptoms worse. My cell walls seem to be too flexible to push out any excess water, so my ankles began to bloat.  I recently have had issues with tearing in the valve in my esophagus and an upper GI showed that there was already so much scar tissue there and is the reason for my throat closing if I forget to eat carefully and slowly.  My esophagus will cause so much pain that I cant talk, or drink, or move until the 10+ pain subsides. All I can do is breathe.
 My mood and motivation are very strong even though I am in pain somewhere in my body at all times.  I work from home full-time on my passion which is to help people find greater well-being on seven essential levels. However the more I degenerate, the slower my progress in getting this work off the ground.

7 Elements of Well-Being Certification 

7 Elements of Well-Being Certification is a series of workbooks, music CDs, videos, surveys and other strategies crafted to lay the foundation of holistic well-being for each individual.

  1. Financial Well-Being
  2. Physical Well-Being
  3. Career Well-Being
  4. Emotional Well-Being
  5. Social Well-Being
  6. Community Well-Being
  7. Global Well-Being

7 Elements of Well-Being will teach you a holistic system for dealing with stress and improving the quality of your life by addressing all
7 elements of well-being as a whole package because one influences the other. For example if you are sick, it’s hard to have enough energy to improve your financial well-being. And if you are broke, it’s hard to move forward with your dreams of having a family.  If you are overwhelmed with family responsibilities, it’s hard to find time to contribute to community projects or further your career.

We all want to improve our lives and are quick to buy into programs that promise to help us make money, lose weight, or strengthen our relationships. However, these critical areas in our lives are interconnected. This course is designed to address all 7 Elements of
Well-Being and help you ascend to the highest version of you!

After completing the certification you will be better equipped to:

  • set goals
  • make changes
  • gain control over your life
  • find your life purpose
  • achieve your goals

We recommend completing this program early in life:

  • high school students
  • junior high school students
  • those planning marriage
  • those raising a family

We believe it should be required for anyone who:

  • spends time in jail or
  • juvenile hall.

It's a very simple program, yet no one has ever offered all 7 elements of well-being as a holistic package.



  • Lead yourself and others to well-being
  • Increase Emotional Well-Being
  • Eat a Plant Based Diet
  • Exercise for fun!
  • Reduce Stress on Naturally
  • Get Organized
  • Improve Relationships
  • Be Creative
  • Tune into Your Spirituality
  • Tap into Your Strengths
  • Find your Life Purpose
  • Develop Your Vision
  • See the Bigger Picture
  • Contribute to the Community
  • Collaborate with Others
  • Organize Awareness Events
  • Focus on what you want,
    not what you don't want.
  • Become the Solution,
    not the Problem
  • Find the Highest Version of You!
  • Change the World

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