The Goal

1- We need your help to find talented people who will become our expert sales team.

2- We are looking for recruiters, appointment setters, and closers.

3- A recruiter looks for talented people to join our sales team. That’s you!

4- An appointment setter adds appointments to the calendar.

5- A closer is someone who calls people on the calendar and makes the sale.

6- It’s your job to find talent and only recruit the best closers.

7- Everyone wants to be a closer because it earns a lot of money, but….

8- We have to find closers who are sales experts.

9- Can you imagine going through so much work to bring in a customer, but the closer doesn’t make the sale?

10- Closers must be expert sales people with strong sales skills and strong English skills.

11- This training will help you become a good recruiter.

12- Click on “Next step” at the bottom of each page.

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