The Neighborhood

Gap 5: Loneliness

  • Geographically separating family members:
    • The Childcare System
    • The Education System
    • The Workforce
    • Retirement Communities
    • Assisted Living Centers
    • Hospice Centers

Every individual is born into a family.  It is an instinctive desire of the human psyche to be part of a tribal family, a drive that can’t be satisfied by anything else.  Surveys show that everyone across the socio-economic spectrum is experiencing a lack of “connection”. I believe it happened when “mom and pop” businesses were overrun by corporations. The "owner / producer" was forced to relinquish the idea of a family business and instead play the role of the “the workforce.”  In so doing, the family unit was geographically divided from their loved ones during the best hours of every day and the best years of every life. With no family business to hand down to the following generation, our youth is taught to educate and prepare themselves to enter "the workforce."  Each rising generation is forced to start from scratch. The strain on the young family is more than most can navigate, resulting in a 50% cycle of divorce and emotional devastation. This dispersing of all family members dispersed the tribe at the same time. “The workplace” was no longer the home. The extended family was no longer the focus.

If home is where the heart is, the best way to break a heart is to make sure no one is home. If the family nucleus is the building block of a community, then the fastest way to bring down a community is to divide the family from morning until night with worthy endeavors that compete for their undivided attention. In so doing, you break up the entire family of God in one action. If we make racism or sexism our focus we miss the fact that this sneaky dissolution of the tribe didn’t happen to one race, one socio-economic section of the population, just males, or just females. It may appear that white families have it better than all others, but in reality, this dispersing happened to white families as much as any other and the lack of tribal connection is a universal issue that plagues everyone in society. “Where belong begins, corruption ends.” In reverse we might say “Disconnected people are more easily corrupted.”

Screening Question:

Does it calm tensions?


If home is where the heart is, what happens when no one is home? 

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