The Planet

Gap 7: Destruction of the Planet

  • Corporate Control of Land, Water, Power
  • Food Supply Chains / Monopolies / GMOs
  • Chemical Agriculture  / Soil Pollution
  • Coal and Gas Dependence
  • Water & Air Pollution
  • Sanitation / Landfills
  • Corporate Control of Land, Water, Power
  • Global Food Supply Chains / Monopolies / GMOs
  • Chemical Agriculture
  • Soil & Water Pollution
  • Coal and Gas Dependence
  • Water & Air Pollution
  • Sanitation / Landfills / Inefficient Use of Waste

We are supposed to believe that corporations can do everything better than we can do for ourselves.  We are supposed to be happy because our basic needs are provided for us, such as water, power, food production and sanitation. Yet when we evaluate it is easy to see that the natural systems of the earth have been disrupted by corporations and this path will never lead to well-being. Compare a “lifestyle of self-sustaining abundance” to the cost of “corporate control.” Is it sustainable?

If the systems of the Mother Earth were designed to provide everything we need, free of charge, then taking control of these resources and charging money for them can only be described as a disruption of the abundance that was intended for mankind. For these interruptions to be done in such a destructive and polluting manner can only be described as “crimes against humanity.”

Every system created by the previous generation takes more than it gives from Mother Earth and takes more than it gives to mankind. Does this make sense over time, or are these short-sighted decision-makers planning to be gone long before they have to “pay the piper.”  Will this plan help future generations survive and thrive or do we have to rely on the next generation to solve the problems of the last and clean up the mess that was left?  Has any level of well-being, of earth or mankind, been considered as these plans were implemented?  Can we stand still while this plan rolls forward like a steamroller?

Humanity - Evaluate the global system that perpetuates extreme poverty:

  • What is the source of extreme poverty?
  • Military Dominance in 3rd World Nations
  • Global Leaders not Representing their Constituents
  • Corruption: The Banks, Wall Street, I.R.S.
  • Federal Reserve not Monitored
  • 1% control 99% of the population
  • Conglomerates and Corporations rely on
    • Families becoming “the workforce” stressed, distracted and powerless to solve:
      • Human trafficking
      • 3rd World Slavery
      • Child Labor
      • World hunger
      • World war

If we all drown in a state of overwhelm, worried about paying bills and avoiding loss of employment, we allow “the powers that be” to have a choke-hold on the entire world.  If we allow ourselves to be distracted by all the available entertainment that monopolizes our free-time, we will never spend our free-time creating innovative rescue plans for those in poverty and oppression. While we remain dependent upon those who are dominating us from behind the scenes, will we ever experience world peace, a restored planet and well-being for all?

We have the advantage of numbers as well as the power of “right” and the power of love. When we work together there a many more of “us” than there is of “them.”  The most frightening idea to the powers that dominate and control the masses is for us, the sleeping giant, to awaken. So they do all they can to withhold information that would wake us up to what they are doing.  They do all they can to keep us tied up, envious, stressed out and broke, so that we cannot rise up and take control, end extreme poverty and restore the planet.

Screening Question:
Does it end destruction of the planet?



Is this system humane?

Is it leading to Global Well-Being?

Is it bringing lasting solutions?

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