The Vortex

The most significant manifestation of all is how you feel. Everything we want, ever have wanted, or ever will want is because we believe in the having of it we will be happy and without the having of it we will never be happy.  We believe we will have a good emotional response by receiving what we want.  What we must learn is that the emotional response is what we really want and the other stuff is simply the justification for having that emotion. So if we can get control of the way we feel, the only thing that matters, we get control of every other manifestation we think we have to have for our happiness.

Getting into the Vortex is reaching for thoughts that make you feel emotions you want to feel.

Appreciation is picking out things that you like and keeping your attention on those things.

Gratitude is happy something changed, so a small amount of your focus is still remembering the thing you are glad changed.

Inspiration is being "called" to go somewhere or do something that compels you into action.

Motivation is trying to go somewhere or do something you don't want to do.

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