The Workplace

“Where belong begins, corruption ends.” In reverse we might say “Disconnected people are more easily corrupted.”

Concern 6: Evaluate a system of competition for basic needs

Family Business Owners Pushed Out by Corporations

  • Mom and Pop Business Owners Pushed Out by Corporations
  • Corporate Monopolies Took Over Every Industry
  • The “Owner / Producer” Farmers
    became the “Consumer / Workforce / Employees.”
  • Students now, when choosing a life path, must prioritize a paycheck as more important than a Life Purpose in order to
    keep up with the debt required for living in a debt-based society.
  • People live from paycheck to paycheck, fearful of any unforeseen interruption in their financial plan, giving rise to a new industry:
    • Insurance coverage for life, death, accident, dismemberment,
      health, disability, fire, flood, auto, home owner’s, etc.
    • Insurance companies collect the money but do all they can to prevent payouts.
  • Single Family Dwelling forces every family to own one of everything, even if they only use it once a year. Space for storage makes the need for larger homes.
  • Larger homes on smaller lots prevent the free food production that comes from the earth including fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, etc.
  • Families are forced to purchase all of their basic needs instead of producing them, driving their cost of living higher than their forefathers on the farm, requiring more money to survive, keeping the majority of people focused on “making money” instead of living their lives and developing their life purpose.

If we focus on race or gender issues we miss the fact that this happened to ALL at the same moment in time.

Screening Question: Does it end corruption?

“Where belonging begins, corruption ends.”

“Where corruption begins, belonging ends.”



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