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Get Organized! is a meetup designed to motivate home organization, the one thing we all have in common.  We can’t avoid it.  When we face it head on with a motivating plan, it becomes an enjoyable part of daily living. 

But what happens if good habits were not instilled at the appropriate age as you were growing up? Then the most basic chore becomes a nightmare to avoid at all costs. This project calms that trigger of avoidance and instills a new mindset that will change the way we look at daily organization.

Days-at-Home Adults will especially enjoy this project.  No matter what your reason is for staying home during the day, lack of organization becomes amplified.

Take this course to become a Organization Leader!

Get Organized! is a course that teaches leaders how to keep all seven dimensions in balance. Focused on days-at-home adults who would like a system to keep their home/chores/work/children organized.

Take this course to be an Organization Specialist.

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