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Services that are offered in times of emergency must be done quickly.

A person who offers this kind of service is called a “first responder”. That means that you quickly run to help someone when they have an emergency.

INJURIES: You quickly help with their injuries to stop the bleeding. You quickly get the patient to the hospital. You improve the chance of their survival because you know what to do in times of emergency.

FIRE: If there is a fire, a first responder helps organize everyone to help put the fire out, to remove belongings from the area to reduce the losses, and to make sure children are rescued and taken to a safe location.

PROTECTION: If there is a crime done to another person, you will quickly call the police. You will You will gather ARC7 members with one phone call to protect people who are in danger.

SECURITY: You will install alarms to prevent break-ins.

This project needs people who are willing to be trained to be first responders who will work closely with hospitals and police.

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