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We believe that highest well-being cannot be achieved alone. We believe that successful survival depends upon being part of a group, a tribe, a family, a team. 

A crucial component of compassion is being part of a unified group that is involved in complex cooperation, collaboration, and co-creation.

We all need to feel connected.

A Local Team helps us make it in the world. In the wild, when an animal is separated from the pack or the herd it becomes easy prey. We can’t do it alone! We are all one.  Therefore becoming isolated, disconnected, self-focused, self-promoting, competitive individuals will prevent meeting our essential human needs for highest well-being.  We must form a local hub where connections can be made.

If your culture has taught you that each individual must struggle for survival alone, then it may feel foreign to believe that we need each other for survival.

ARC7 Teams are focused on gathering a local community of people who believe in financial collaboration and working together for the common good. Become a Leader! Leaders are prepared for leadership by completing the ARC7 Compassion Training Course online.

ARC7 Projects are activities that improve the lives of those on the team. This team is intended to bring many projects together into one location. Each project is led by a Team Leader.

ARC7 Centers are a hub of activities led by many team leaders. The ARC7 Center is where all our projects take shape.  In each location we build seven centers, one for each of the seven dimensions.

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1Project CenterBasic Needs, Security, SustainabilityFinancial Well-Being
2Health CenterBasic Medical and Dental, Self-CarePhysical Well-Being
3Education CenterEducational Technology, Internet AccessPersonal Well-Being
4Spirit CenterArts, Entertainment, Spiritual GrowthEmotional Well-Being
5Gathering CenterConnection, Common Meals, Commercial KitchenSocial Well-Being
6Business CenterIncome Production, Business Incubator, MarketplaceCareer Well-Being
7Compassion CenterARC7 Compassion Training, Fund RaisingGlobal Well-Being
7 Centers in one locationResults:Highest Well-Being

Get Involved!

If you own a location where the hub can meet in your local area, get involved! 

If you are good at inviting and gathering people together, get involved! 

If you are excited about event planning, get involved! 

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